it's easy to report spam text messages

If you hate SPAM text messages, it’s really easy to report them to the FTC, just forward them to 7726. And after reporting to 7726, block the number...

How to forward a text message
  1. Touch and hold the message.
  2. Select "More"
  3. Select the message, then the arrow in the bottom right corner.
  4. Enter 7726 and select "Send"

Here is how to do it


Now that we learned how to report spam messages, let's learn how to detect text message scams. Some are very sneaky and almost impossible to detect. Here are a few examples


Next Level Text Dating Scam and Deep Fake

Dating scams are VERY common! After all, you are ready to meet a new stranger. This is like a haven for scammers. You and the scammer are both emotionally ready... In this case, the Fake Kristi is randomly texting with the hope someone will respond. Many people are on tinder, so Kristi knows someone will eventually take the bait. Unfortunately for Scott, he took the bait. Kristi isn't waiting, she immediately starts flirting with Scott.


Read more about how this dating scam unfolded


How To Avoid This Type Of Attack

1) Don't Automatically trust anyone, even if you think you know them. Digital identities aren't the same as meeting someone in person.

2) Call and verify with your Admin, Company, or Person, the authenticity of the request.

3) Make sure you have MFA turned on. It’s better to use Authenticator Apps (Such as Google or Microsoft Authenticator) or even a hardware security key instead of Text based authentication.
4) Never share security codes with anyone - including automated systems that contact you out of the blue.
5) Share less! The more an attacker knows about you the easier it is to hack you.
6) Use Wizer Free Security Awareness to train your team