Wizer Reads: Curated Cybersecurity Book List For The Whole Family

Who doesn't love to curl up with a good book or holding your little one and exploring a new world together? In the spirit of cultivating a cyber savvy mindset as part of our day-to-day, we've curated a list of cybersecurity-themed books the whole family can enjoy.



M is For Malware

By Curtis Brazzell, A Cybersecurity ABC's Series Boardbook

The first in a series of fun boardbooks that introduces you and your little one to the world of cybersecurity terms with friendly and imaginative monster illustrations. Also in the series is "B is For Blue Team";  "R is For Red Team" as well as a Cybersecurity ABC's Coloring Book.



how We Got Cyber Smart

By Lisa Rothfield-Kirschner, Author

Meet brother and sister Olivia and Jack as they innocently stumble into the online world of cyberbullying and become cyber smart learning the skills to stay safe online. The story is told in easy-to-understand language in settings that are familiar. It's a great conversation starter for elementary aged kids! 

The Little Cyber Engineer

Amber DeVilbiss, Founder of Teach Kids Tech & Cybersecurity Advisor

Simplify cybersecurity concepts with this engaging bedtime book, rhyming your way through IT security and online safety covering topics from cyberbullying to servers and networks and even opens kids' outlook on careers in tech. Help your kid gain coping skills for when they encounter negative behavior online and spark further conversations on tech and safety.



The Shadow World

by Caity Randall, Founder, Cyber Advisor & Craig Ford, Cybersecurity Engineer & Ethical Hacker

A guide for your child through the online world providing them with the knowledge needed to shine a light on the digital shadows, navigate safely, and know what to trust, with the reassurance that mistakes happen, but they're never alone in finding their way back to safety.




Hacked Again

by Scott Schober, Cybersecurity Expert and CEO

With the ever-growing technology to make cybercrime easier than ever, no one is immune to being hacked. But there are basic practices many of us overlook or are unaware of that can add extra layers of security to minimize the chances of it occuring easily. Hacked Again is a personal account by cybersecurity expert and CEO Scott Schober of his own experiences being hacked in an effort to raise awareness and help others avoid becoming a victim themselves through proactive cybersecurity behavior.


A Hacker I am

by Craig Ford, Cybersecurity Engineer & Ethical Hacker

Learn cybersecurity concepts through stories and scenarios without all the tech terms. Each chapter is stand alone so it's especially great for readers who like to jump around to get to the main topics that interest them. Readers will get an overview of cybersecurity in general, understand better what a hacker is and is not, and gain a better understanding of the risks to be aware of in the online world.




Senior Cyber: Best Security Practices for Your Golden Years

by Scott Schober, Cybersecurity Expert

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, or someone who cares about seniors, this book has practical advice and examples to keep you safe online. From basic internet knowledge to important topics like protecting healthcare information for older adults, it provides practical cybersecurity advice and examples affecting senior citizens in simple to understand language.


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