are they selling our Private INFO for $5 in plain sight?

Wanna have a good Scare? Go to and search for your name! Looks like they are selling our “Private” information for less than $5 in plain sight. So why did I put “Private” in quotation marks… because many of these search engines have found your private information online, so please share less… I included a video about this at the end of this article. 

These people-search engines may also be the reason why you are getting so many spam phone calls, spam emails, or just spam in general. 

Ok, so you are probably asking how do you remove yourself? Well fortunately it’s not that difficult, however you will need to provide a reason :) 

  1. Go to the whitepages website ( and search for your name

  2. Click the “View Details” or “View Full Report” for each of your listings and copy the URL

  3. Now to go to the opt-out page ( and paste each of URLs from step 2 into the text box and hit next

  4. Now click on the “Remove Me” button

  5. Select the reason you want to be removed… anything goes and Click Next

  6. Provide your phone number and click “Call to Verify” a robocall will call you to verify your request

  7. It will take 24 hours for you to be removed

That's it! Now you are off the list :) However, whitepages isn't the only one, there are other sites that share your information. If you have time and you care about your privacy you should do some research and start opting-out from these sites.

Meanwhile, here is a quick video about what to share and not to share online. This you can and should share with others :) For more videos like this register free to our CyberSecurity Awareness Program