NEW Annual Security Awareness for Advanced Learners 2023

Advanced Annual Training

NEW Advanced Annual Security Awareness Training

Keep your team in the cyber security know with our new Wizer Advanced Annual Training 2023!

Created for those who've conquered the basics, this training includes a shorter format with more advanced topics on today's most relevant threats.


Need to Start with the Basics?

Try our no non-sense security awareness training! It's short, to the point and you can start for FREE!

The FREE version includes videos, quizzes, certificates and a full-blown Learning Management Solution. When you upgrade to Boost, you will also get the phishing simulation, gamification and more!


What's Included in the Advanced Training for 2023

The Wizer Advanced Annual Security Awareness Training 2023 includes 13 videos that takes the learner a little deeper into building awareness on more sophisticated attacks to watch out for in the realms of social media and MFA to social engineering and mobile, as well as 4 corresponding quizzes to test employee's knowledge. 

Here's a sampling of the video offering:  


Can You Get Phished on Slack and Teams?



How They Bypassed My MFA By Annoying Me



Why You Should Never Mix Work and Personal Emails more advanced cyber security awareness topics!

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Word on the Cyber Security Street Is...

The reviews are in and people are loving it!




"I have taken other trainings that were wordy and boring and long. This course was very informational and helpful!"

"It really helped me a lot to understand how to secure my personal data and my organization's info." 

"Very informative! Good to be reminded of how NOT to get scammed."



Benefits of the Advanced Annual Training 2023


#1: Shorter Format

Delivering the same training in a faster format so you can stop chasing people to finish it.

#2: More Advanced

Added new topics including DeedFake Scams, Single Click Phishing and more!


#3: More Relevant

Updated to include current threats for companies and employees.


#4: Extra Bingeable

Dialed up entertainment so that employees are hyped to watch it.


#5: Shareable

Engaging content that employees will want to share with family for safer, at-home cyber habits.


#6: Conversation Starters

Creating internal conversations to support a strong security culture.

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