Wizer Toolkit for Security Awareness Month 2022!

Make the most of your time and give something of value to your employees this October.

Below find content that goes off the beaten path from typical security awareness topics and start conversations!




Free Cybersecurity Awareness Month Calendar PDF 

Download the Free Cybersecurity Awareness Month PDF below and get links to each resource for daily content to get your employees exploring the other sides of security!


               October Security Awareness Month Calendar M-F_3Download Calendar (PDF)


Screen Savers - Cyber Security Awareness Month 2022

Fun screensavers images with online safety points to ponder!

Prevent Phishing Tips - Part 1 Image
Prevent Phishing Tips - Part 2 Image
Beyond Phishing Tips - Part 1 Image
Beyond Phishing Tips - Part 2 Image
Strong Passwords Tips - Part 1 Image
Strong Passwords Tips - Part 2 Image
How to Create Strong Passwords Image
Dance Like Nobody's Watching, Browse Like Everyone Is Image



Cyber Security Awareness Downloadable Guides

Cyber Security Awareness Guides to quickly share the most important aspects on a variety of online safety topics

Personal & Family Safety Tips    
How To Stay Safe While Shopping Online PDF Blog Post
How To Spot Scam Ads PDF  
How To Protect Your Smart Home From Getting Hacked PDF  
How To Protect My Senior Family From Getting Scammed PDF  
The Top 6 Scams You Need To Know About PDF Blog Post
The Sneaky World BEYOND Phishing Emails PDF Blog Post
How To Protect My Kids Online PDF Blog Post
Internet Safety for Kids   Blog Post
Family Tech Agreement PDF Blog Post
Wizernary: Translating Geek to English PDF Webpage
For Developers    
OWASP Top 10 PDF Blog Post
How to Get Hacked by Copy/Paste   Blog Post
New Employee Cyber Secuity Do's and Don'ts PDF Blog Post
Work From Home Security Guide: Employee Edition PDF  
How To Protect Your Zoom Meeting PDF  
MFA Cheat Sheet: 16 Apps PDF Blog Post
Keep Data Secure at Work PDF YouTube
For Security Managers/Teams    
How to Create an Ambassador Program PDF Blog Post
What To Do If You Are Hit By Ransomware PDF  
How To Build A Security Awareness Training Program PDF  
Small Business Cyber Security Check List PDF Blog Post
Work From Home Security Guide PDF Blog Post
What Is Cyber Insurance & How To Find A Good Company PDF Blog Post
Incident Response Plan 101 PDF Blog Post
What Is Zero Trust PDF Blog Post
How to Measure the Effectiveness of Security Awareness Program PDF Blog Post

More Engaging Cyber Security Awareness Month Videos

Wizer on the Streets - YouTube Shorts Security Awareness Conversation Starters

Consider doing your own version within your org!

What is Social Engineering?
Are you worried about being hacked?
Which generation is more likely to get hacked?
They stole my inheritance
You're putting your life at risk
Asking people where they store their password
How likely will you be hacked?
iPhone Hide My Email - Reduce Spam
How Donna's Office 365 was Hacked - SMS visualization
How to Report Spam Text Messages - visualization
How entire 9th grade was hacked on Instagram - SMS visualization
How attackers bypass 2FA - SMS visualization
Text message scams - Dating app, SMS visualization
Personal Safety Series of Shorts on Wizer-training.com


Real Life Scam Stories To Share During Security Awareness Month 2022

Short and sweet dramatizations of real life scams with actionable steps viewers can take to protect themselves.

AT&T Phone Scam
How I Was Hacked on LinkedIn
Is Online Shopping Safe?
How They Hacked My Bank Account
Why Cyber Criminals Love Social Logins
Why You Should Lie On Your Security Questions
What exactly is a SIM swapping scam?



Family Topics For Security Awareness Month 

Short and sweet dramatizations of real life scams with actionable steps viewers can take to protect themselves.

Why Scammers Want To Steal Your Kid's Identity
Did You Know Sexting Is Illegal Among Kids?
Is Your Child Safe When Gaming Online?
My Daughter was Kidnapped by her Snapchat Friend

How cyber criminals scam Senior Citizens



Misc. Resources

More security awareness month resources to support your employees caring for both their digital and mental well being.

StaySafeOnline.org Resources
Request a Speaker
How to Recover Hacked Accounts
Security Awareness Month Tool Kit
Social Media Post Ideas






Personal Digital Safety Assessment  
S2ME.io A simple walk through of your information security habits that utilizes statistical measurements of risk to give you a "security score" to help you know where your home digital safety stands. But more than that, it provides personalized recommendations to help you improve that score for financial, privacy, and personal safety.
Data Privacy & Education  
DataDetoxKit.org Great place to nerd out a little more and understand more about not only security but privacy and identifying other pitfalls in navigating digital world including how to identify misinformation and recognize our own filter bubbles as well as provide tips and practices to enhance your well-being while not having to go live in a cave.
Romance Scams  
Society of Citizens Against Relationship Scams SCARS was founded in 2015 by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D., and is led a group of leaders who know first hand the devastating effects that scams can inflict on victims. We are here to help victims become survivors!
Victims of Cybercrime Resources  
The Cyber Help Line Free, expert help for victims of cybercrime and online harm. While this service is specific to the UK, there are several guides with applicable tips regardless of your locale. And while the hotline numbers and police info may not be good for other regions, it can help you know what questions to ask.
FTC Report Fraud Report a scam, a company, or an unwanted call, get tips how to protect yourself. Sharing helps law enforcement with investigations.
Suicide Prevention  
R;pple - Suicide Prevention Free Browser Extension A simple, free browser extension that intervenes with help and support to individuals searching for harmful content online. It does not track users and provides immediate mental health support and resources as an opportunity of hope that things can and will get better. This was presented by Alice Hendy at SANS Security Awareness 2022.


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