New Employees Cyber Security Do's and Don'ts



Download this New Employees Cyber security Do's And Don'ts Cheat Sheet PDF to share with your team.

New Employee Cyber Security Dos and Donts






1. Don't Take A Photo With Your Badge

...and post it on social media. Cyber criminals can clone it, change the photo and pretend to be you.

2. Don't Post Videos of "A Day At The Company"

The office space is full of confidential information. By recording the office, or even your desk, it's like allowing criminals inside the company walls.

3. Don't Share Your Password

...with anyone! Not even the IT department. No one should know your password besides you.

4. Don't Buy Gift Cards

This is a common scam! Just ask XXX who lost his company XXX. Bottom line: no will ask you to secretly buy gift cards for everyone.

5. Do Be Aware of Scam Emails

Because you still don't know many people, you are more likely to follow direction from someone who pretends to be an executive.

6. Do Turn On Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication, OR MFA, adds another security layer to the login process, reducing the chances of your account getting hacked.

7. Do Meet Your Team

If you know your team, supervisors and executives, you will be able to go to them to verify any "phishy" communication.



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Hear from the Experts

In this Wizer Webinar, learn how to create and implement Security Policies - the right way! - from this powerhouse panel of cyber security experts. 



Why Security Awareness is Key

It's not secret that many of the incident start with a social engineering attack like phishing or spear phishing. So beyond training the IR team, it's wise to ensure employees are also training on how to avoid becoming a target. This is usually done through security awareness training and phishing simulation. Wizer Security Awareness Training offers both. We mastered the power of short stories to make security awareness training relatable and memorable. And best of all, you can start free and upgrade later.