Family Tech Agreement

Set expectations from the get-go

It's important to get the entire family involved in the discussion of online safety. That being said, it's also important to make sure everyone understands the rules about going online. We have an awesome new tool available for you and your kids that will help make discussing and following the rules even easier....The Family Technology Agreement. 

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Free Download: Family Tech Agreement

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KIDS Technology Responsibility Agreement

  •  I will not share my personal information or passwords without my parents permission
  • I will not share my password with anyone including friends or even teachers
  • I will immediately close any pop-ups that appear on my screen
  • I will not download any app or play a new game without my parents permission
  • I will not sign up to any site without my parents’ permission
  • I will not respond to any chat or friend request from a stranger
  • I will not post photos or videos containing personal information like my school, home, etc
  • I will tell my family if someone online is making me feel uncomfortable, unsafe, or asking for inappropriate things
  • I will only click on links and files I know for sure are safe, and if I am not sure I will ask for help from my family
  • I understand that not everything on the internet is factual, and I will verify
    information with my family
  • I will consider my well-being and follow screen time limits
  • I will talk to my family if I am feeling depressed or find it difficult to step away from my device
  • I understand if I do not abide by these steps, then my parents will take steps to help me manage my online activity

TEENS Technology Responsibility Agreement

  • I understand the rules in this agreement are in addition to the rules outlined in the Kids Technology Responsibility Agreement.
  • I understand if something seems too good to be true, then it is probably a scam
  • I will not put myself in a position to be extorted
  • I will notify my parents immediately if someone or something tries to force me to do something
  • I will not post anything disrespectful to others
  • I will not share or like anything that may hurt others
  • I will not obtain or share with my friends any inappropriate photo
  • I will not blindly trust strangers online even if they seems respectable

PARENTS Technology Responsibility Agreement

  • I will educate myself to build awareness around the risks that my child faces
  • I will educate myself to understand the apps and types of activities my child
    is involved with online
  • I understand that being online and communicating with others online is a big
    part of my child's life
  • My child can talk to me about the risks and dangers of being online without
    feeling afraid
  • I will ask my child questions to help them understand any of the safety rules,
    their interests, and help them navigate a safe and fun online life
  • I understand that my child has a right to privacy and will not interfere or
    betray their trust unless the rules agreed to and signed by my child are

Free Download: Family Tech Agreement

Download Family Agreement (PDF)

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