Keep Data Secure at Work

In our day-to-day, we all deal with data on some level but those who regularly interact with personally identifiable information (PII) or other sensitive data need to take extra precaution to keep it safe. Here are six points to keep top of mind:


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How To Keep Data at Work Secure - Infographic


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Physically Securing Data At Work


1. Don't leave paper documents with sensitive documents laying around!

Make sure your team understands the difference between an Event and a Crisis; Incident and Breach; and Ticket and Case.

2. Printing? Make it priority to pick it up ASAP.

Take your break after you get those papers from the printer and have securely stored them.

3. Don't hold the door open for strangers into a secure facility.

Being courteous is important but not when it comes to security!

4. Don't loan your security badge to anyone.

Sounds obvious but it bears repeating as usually it's done when one feels comfortable or familiar with someone, but stick with policy and help them find theirs or report as needed.

5. Ensure your computer locks screen when you step away

Double check lock screen settings.

6. Don't leave passwords written in plain sight

Yup. We all know someone but when dealing with sensitive data it's important not to be lax. Ask your IT or Security Team to help you learn the password manager so you're comfortable with it.

7. Check the back of your work device every now and then to ensure no unauthorized USBs or other cables snuck in.

It happens and it doesn't take much more than a glance every now and then just to stay aware.


Hear from the Experts

In this Wizer Webinar, Chris Roberts leads the discussion with a panel of experts to talk about what is behind PII - namely, a person or family - and what companies and individuals can do to ensure their private data is protected and kept safe.



Why Security Awareness is Key

While some practices may seem like common sense, it's easy to become complacent or make exceptions when under pressure or in a hurry, which is an ideal time for a data breach to occur. Ensuring employees have regular training in combination with a security aware culture is critical. Wizer Security Awareness Training offers both. We mastered the power of short stories to make security awareness training relatable and memorable. And best of all, you can start free and upgrade later.

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