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How to Build a security awareness program


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October Security Awareness Month Free Resources from National Cybersecurity Alliance Registration + Email Kit
How to Implement a Security Awareness Training Program Article + PDF
How to Build a Security Awareness Program Article
Best Practices for Implementing a Security Awareness Program: PCI Data Security Standard PDF
Security Awareness Hub: Select eLearning awareness courses for DOD and Industry Website
A Security Awareness Program for PCI DSS Compliance: Implementation and Legal and Ethical Issues to Be Considered Article
Security Awareness Done Right YouTube Webinar
Security Awareness Training: Where Have We Gone Wrong? YouTube Webinar
Cyber Readiness Institute for SMBs Website
6 Biggest Security-Awareness Program Challenges—And What to Do About Them Article
 SANS Continuing Ed for Security Awareness Course

SAM Community Live Interviews

Weekly live broadcasts especially for the security awareness community.

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Creating Impactful Videos For Security Awareness Elisheva Hudson

Written Recap

On YouTube
Building an Award Winning Security Awareness Program Dennis Legori & Paula West

Written Recap

On YouTube
Human Factors in Security Awareness Robin Bylenga Written Recap On YouTube
Security Awareness Lessons Learned in Oil & Gas Industry Brent Forrest Written Recap On YouTube
Storytelling And Empathy In Security Awareness Mark The Afri-CAN Shawa Written Recap On YouTube
Building Healthy Security Cultures Nadja El Fertasi Written Recap On YouTube
Finding Security Awareness Topics Gabriel Friedlander Written Recap On YouTube
Awareness from a Security Researcher POV Ohad Zaidenberg Written Recap On YouTube
Security Awareness as Thought Leadership Aliza Hughes, Director of Thought Leadership Written Recap On YouTube


Stats for Presentations/Reports/Research

Industry reports and research relevant to Security Awareness and it's importance and impact.

The State of Cybersecurity Resilience 2021 Accenture Report
SANS 2022 Security Awareness Report SANS Security Awareness Report
2022 Verizon Data Breach Incident Report Insights VDBIR Report

Research for your security awareness program

Various insights to help you create the program that is the best for your organizational needs.

Predicting the performance of users as human sensors of security threats in social media Research that evaluates the potential of utilising users as human sensors for the detection of cyber threats, specifically on social media.
Using human values-based approach to understand cross-cultural commitment toward regulation and governance of cybersecurity This article develops a new framework linking cross-cultural human values, regulation, and governance in the area of cybersecurity.
A Cyber Domain-Specific Risk Attitudes Scale to Address Security Issues in the Digital Space This paper proposes a new Cyber Domain-Specific Risk Taking (CyberDoSpeRT) scale which aims to measure individual risk taking and risk perception towards cyber risks across 5 different dimensions.