What in the World Are Your Kids Doing Online
(On-Demand Webinar)

We are going to talk about kids’ safety online, and we are going way beyond “Stranger Danger”. We will attempt to close the generation gap... Our amazing panel will talk about:

  • Risky apps kids/teens are using today

  • How much should we trust our kids and what is the limit?

  • Tools and methods for monitoring activity

  • How to identify if your kids are in trouble?

  • How to respond to an incident and who can help you?

Moderated by

  • Wizer’s hacker, Chris Roberts!


  • Christopher Hadnagy - CEO at Social-Engineer, LLC Speaker, Teacher, Pentester and recognized expert in the field of Social Engineering and Security

  • David Schwartzberg - CISSP | Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco

  • Alma Maria Rinasz - Technology & Computer Science Educator | Learning & Development | Ed Tech | Social Impact | JavaScript and Cybersecurity Initiate

  • Gabriel Friedlander - Wizer Founder and CEO

Kids-Teens Safety01

Internet Safety for Kids Guide

  • Find the list of risky apps that your kids are using and learn how to secure them
  • Learn how to get your kids talking about internet security
  • Learn how to know if your kid got in trouble and what to do!
  • And much more...
Open Kids Internet Security Guide

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