Boost Security and Ensure Compliance with our Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulator

Insure your business and defend against social engineering attacks.

Howden + Wizer

Howden clients enjoy Wizer’s Boost security awareness training platform and phishing simulator at a discount.

Designed for both the IT team as well as the end user, Wizer is easy to roll out and maintain while being an enjoyable experience for employees. Satisfy cyber insurance requirements and enhance your overall security with:

  • Simple set-up to get started fast
  • Easy maintenance that saves time and reduces hassle
  • Demonstrate compliance with simple reporting
  • Better training to protect against social engineering attacks
  • Lowered risk from the human element
  • Happy tech teams and happy employees

Wizer Takes Security Awareness Training Further

Fresh Content

Training stays fresh and relevant with new videos featured every month to keep awareness top of mind. 

Our micro-learning videos meet learners wherever they're at with topics covering basic, advanced, and specialized subjects using a variety of formats to engage including whiteboard animations, dramatized real-life incidents, and show and tell explainers.

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Compliance Training

Train your employees to meet compliance and build understanding on topics such as:

  • GDPR
  • DEI
  • GDPR
  • CCPA

Our 1-minute videos break down complex topics focusing on the crucial info they need to know, simply.

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Phishing Simulator

Save time on phishing simulations with our Smart Phishing Calendar. 

Get a complete pre-set phishing calendar, customize templates for your organization, and track progress with our easy-to-use dashboard and reporting features.

We have over 100+ phishing templates rated by level of difficulty to get you started with what you need, fast.

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Policy Management

Easily manage policies for your employees in one location with easy uploading of PDFs and auto assignment to employees and see who has and has not acknowledged.

Employees can quickly view and acknowledge policies within the Learner Console and receive weekly reminders until assigned policies are acknowledged.


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Enhance Your Security Awareness Training With Wizer