Free Computer Security Awareness Training


Ingham County in partnership with Wizer, is pleased to provide free computer security awareness training to our citizens.

Today's technology is full of danger. Social media, web sites, email, and even phone calls present opportunities for cyber-criminals to threaten, scam, and extort. Armed with the right knowledge, you and your family can defeat those who would otherwise win. It starts with training. These free, 1-2 minute videos will give you the necessary foundation to help spot this type of criminal activity. Watch them together, discuss it with your family, tell your friends. The videos are regularly updated, so check back frequently to find new content.

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Cyber Security Tips


Smart Home Guide-3

Keep Smart Devices on a Separate WiFi Network

Setup a Wifi network just for your Smart Devices, so in case your TV was hacked they can’t connect to your computer.

Avoid Buying From Sites You Don’t Know 

Purchasing from known sites reduces the risk of being scammed.
Shopping guide-1
Senior Guide-1

Billy, Is That You? 

If your grandchild or any other family member calls and asks you to wire money immediately because they are in trouble, it’s probably a scam!

Do Not Sign Up for Free Premium Accounts, Game Tokens, Skins, or Weapons 

This is phishing! Hackers will capture your password, steal the account, or your identity.

Teens-Kids Guide-1
2FA guide-2

No Better Time to Enable Two-Factor Authentication 

This adds another layer of protection in case your password is stolen.


Family Tech Agreement

Put everything you've learned together and set the expectations for you and your children to navigate a safer digital life with our free Family Technology Agreement.

Family Tech Agreement-3

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