Based on the App Privacy details in Apple's App Store, the following apps share an incredible amount of data they collected about us with 3rd parties. This is NOT scientific research; you can also check for yourself by going to any app in the iPhone App Store -> App Privacy -> Click "See Details" -> Look at the "Third-Party Advertising". Based on Apple’s Documentation, the definition of "Third-Party Advertising" is: "Such as displaying third-party ads in your app, or sharing data with entities who display third-party ads"

This list isn't about which app is COLLECTING the most data, but rather it’s only about which app is SHARING the most data about us with 3rd parties based on the App Store. The apps may be sharing data outside the app, so I don't think we have the full picture of what is actually being shared. 


App Privacy


At the Top of the List

#1 Instagram

Instagram shares a lot! Browsing History, Financial Info, Location, Our Contacts, Our Photos and much more. 

instagram privacy

#2 Facebook

Same goes for Facebook: Browsing History, Financial Info, Location, Our Contacts, Our Photos and much more. 

Facebook Privacy

Not far at number 3 is... LinkedIn

I was surprised with how much data LinkedIn is sharing. Why do they need to share our search history?


 And thEn in no particular order

Honestly, I was expecting TikTok to be sharing more, however they do collect a lot of info about us.


TikTok Privacy



Twitter Privacy





How To AVOID This

Go to Settings -> Privacy -> Photos/Contacts/Camera/Location Service or any other setting and toggle off the "collection" setting for each of the listed apps

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Gabriel Friedlander
Written by Gabriel Friedlander

I founded in early 2019 with a mission to make basic security awareness training free for everyone. Since then Wizer has been rapidly growing with over 3000 organization who signed up for our free training. And in 2020 we partnered with several local counties to offer free Citizen Training. We believe that in this day an age, security awareness should be a basic human skill.