Your Security Awareness Plan: Month 3

Welcome to Month 3 of our 2024 Cybersecurity Training Plan - your free Virtual Security Awareness Manager. This month, we will set up a focused training on the hot topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Month 1 was packed with Annual Training and Monthly Video, and Month 2 included setting up your Phishing Game and Phishing Simulation. Check out Month 1 and Month 2 if you missed it.

Your Security Awareness Plan Month 3: Driving Engagement with Hot Topics!

Wizer's Founder, Gaby Friedlander and one of our community members dive into creative ways to drive engagement with your teams while raising awareness about critical topics. If you missed Month 1 packed with Annual Training and Monthly Video, you can view it here.

Set up your Focused Training on AI

There's probably no single topic that's appeared in the cybersecurity world in the last year that is as important as AI. Cybercriminals are rapidly harnessing its power to launch more sophisticated and convincing attacks. That's why we're dedicating this month's focused training to arming your team with the knowledge they need to stay safe.

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This short, 6-minute training that we built for you explores topics like deepfakes, voice cloning, and ChatGPT, helping your team stay one step ahead of these emerging threats.

Here is how to launch your Add-on Training in Wizer Boost: 

  1. Create an account or log in to
  2. In the admin console, go to Training > Awareness Courses > and select “AI - Ensuring Safe Use” under the Specialized Training Category.

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Don't have the time or team to dedicate to this? Let our team of Awareness Experts do it for you with Wizer Managed, saving you time and money while upgrading your security culture. 

Monthly 1.5-Minute Video Updates (Add On)

In Month 1, we started the Monthly Video series. This is a 1.5 min video users receive every month, covering a range of topics that keep everyone updated and informed about new scams or the latest cyber attack trends, typically from a real life event.

If you have not already, here is how to set up Monthly Video:

  1. Sign into your account on
  2. Follow the directions here to implement Monthly Video

Drive Engagement & Conversation With Hot Topics like AI!

Have some fun with AI to drive engagement with your team - create a challenge using someone from your organization (with permission, of course!) and use it as a fun reminder that seeing is no longer believing these days and when it doubt, double check it out.

Up Next 

During Month 4, we will run a webinar for your employees on how to keep their family safe.

Don't want to wait for the monthly series to see what's down the road? View or download the full annual security awareness plan here

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