Nobody loves you on the internet...

By Gabriel Friedlander on Feb 10, 2020 9:24:01 PM

1 min read

I created this get-wizer.com video in the spirit of Valentine Day’s :)

There are people that come to work everyday seat in a cubicle and try to scam people! And they are good at what they do. So if you think you stumbled across and amazing deal online, remember that if it too good to be true it probably is. And, no matter what, if you get an unexpected phone call never give any personal information. There is no time-bomb ticking, and if you are unsure, hang up the phone and obtain the official phone number and call back.

Thanks Chris Roberts‍ for inspiring me to make this video!


Gabriel Friedlander
Written by Gabriel Friedlander

I founded get-wizer.com in early 2019 with a mission to make basic security awareness training free for everyone. Since then Wizer has been rapidly growing with over 3000 organization who signed up for our free training. And in 2020 we partnered with several local counties to offer free Citizen Training. We believe that in this day an age, security awareness should be a basic human skill.