Cybersecurity Guides

Security Awareness Program

This is a comprehensive guide on how to build a successful Security Awareness Training Program for your company.


Ten 1-minute videos about each item in OWASP 10, no BS, just short and to the point. Let’s start developing securely from the first line of code.

Quick Cybersecurity Guides

Short and simple. Just how we like it. Our Quick Guides are now available in one location. Read the guides from your browser or download them at your convenience.

Work From Home Securely

We created this page as a public service with videos and guides in plain English to help you and your team work from home securely.

Internet Safety for Kids

Many children feel they know how to avoid getting hacked, but the reality is most of them don’t.

How to Create an Ambassador Program

Employees will probably complete security awareness training if they are forced to, however, it is much better to get their buy-in by engaging them on an ongoing basis.

Free Security Awareness Training for Citizens

Genesee County Information Technology and the County Board of Commissioners, in partnership with Wizer, are pleased to provide free computer security awareness training to our citizens.