March 2022: New Security Awareness Content

We have been busy adding more content to our CyberSecurity Awareness Training. Here is a collection of what's new in March. 


Security Awareness Training Videos


Enabling macros on an Office document requires you to click on "Enabled Editing" and then "Enable Content." That's a big obstacle for criminals; however, where there's a will, there's a way. So how do they do that? It usually starts with an urgent phishing email from someone you seem to know with an attachment.


From doing due diligence on a vendor to reading the terms & conditions, these are the 4 security action items to do BEFORE installing new software.


Guilty of hitting next, next, next? Learn why not to do that plus more cybersecurity best practices, such as password creation and custom credentials, when installing new software.


Real Life Stories


"My husband and I spent our entire life savings on our dream home to have it all taken away in less than 2 minutes. After years of searching for a home, we finally found the one we always wanted! We placed an offer and actually got it - we couldn’t have been more excited! That is until we weren't."


Wizer Webinars 


When things go BOOM and you’re sitting in the middle of a cyber attack as calm and cool as a cucumber, it’s because YOU have a Cyber Incident Response Plan. You know what to do, where to be... and as soon as you can get everyone’s attention, you’ll start to bring order to chaos. In this Wizer Back to Basics webinar, discover the fundamentals of a response plan including what to do before before, during and after an incident.



Passwords are dead!...or are they? And if they’re still around, what's the best way to manage them across an organization to ensure employees and customers are creating strong passwords to secure sensitive business information properly? In this Wizer Back to Basics webinar, we cover these issues and more around best practices for managing passwords for small business and enterprises alike.



Security awareness program has been part of some organizations for decades and for others only in the last few years. However, the big challenge still remains in how to ensure it’s being done effectively and not just a box to tick off for the compliance team. In this Wizer webinar, learn what is effective verse noneffective security training and how to make employees go from "aware" to "care." 

You could be the next victim of a cyber attack, but don't wait until it's too late — watch our free cyber security awareness video that covers how you can increase your security and improve your online privacy.