Government Supporting Teleworking


  • Does working from home impact your security strategy?
  • How does employee stress and anxiety impact security?
  • What type of work setup do you provide employees?
  • Did employee behavior change and did it impact security?
  • What do you use for sharing Information and collaborating securely?
  • How does this impact communication with citizens?
  • Lessons learned about the good and bad of working from home. We will also talk about Policies, Security Awareness, Technology Issues and more… 

Moderated by

  • Wizer’s hacker, Chris Roberts!


  • City of Reno, Nevada, IT Director - Rishma Khimji

  • City of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, CIO - Michael Steben

  • Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of Comptroller, Risk Counsel - Jenny Hedderman, Esq.

  • County of Genesee, Michigan, CIO - Carl Wilson

  • County of Oakland, Michigan, CISO - TJ Fields