Use Case for Community High School District #155

Industry Vertical: Education

Organization Size: 750 Learners

Workforce Distribution: North America

Wizer Customer Since: 2022

The Challenge

As a high school district, education is a big target of ransomware among other things but we’re also required to do multiple other trainings throughout the year - whether it be airborne pathogens, diabetic training, fire safety, etc. Adding additional trainings creates a change in working conditions so we have to take that into consideration when speaking with the teachers union while ensuring we stay safe as well as compliant. 

We’d been looking for some training for quite some time and initially I went to a company that provides schools with a lot of the trainings required but they didn’t have quite what we were looking for. We looked at a lot of other security awareness vendors with lots of them doing good things but what it really came down to was cost. The pricing was a no-brainer whereas some of the other competitors were a little bit pricier (however, I would say from an IT standpoint, it’s hard to put a price on cybersecurity training).

The Creative Solution

While the price was a big factor in our decision, I didn’t have any doubt once I saw the videos - I knew they were going to work for us because not only were they very to the point but for each topic they mention “your organization may do things differently so check with your IT staff” and that’s important for people to be reminded of.

The important thing with cybersecurity training - and what I love about Wizer’s product - is keeping it short and engaging. That’s huge. Especially since educators already have a lot on their plate along with a bunch of other training. So providing them training that doesn’t have to be all in one sitting where they can take a minute here, two minutes there, it’s really helpful.

The Results

We’ve rolled out the program in stages, first to our IT department, then our administration and we’ve gotten really positive feedback from everyone. The feature everyone loves is that you can share the training with others. 

In fact, one of our deans of students was really excited to be able to share some of the videos with his wife because he said that these are things that everybody should know.

Recommendation to Others

For anyone on the fence about Wizer, I would say we looked at several other products and I really did feel that Wizer had everything to offer, if not more than others. 

The ease of use of the dashboard is wonderful as well as the ability to quickly see who’s completed the training and current status is very helpful. When I noticed there were people who still hadn’t even logged in it was so simple to select their names and send a reminder to start training. That’s really helpful. 

Another feature I find great is the video of the month. That’s going to be a huge thing for us to have regular reminders about the training they already did and monthly tips to help them keep it top of mind. 

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