Use Case for CoLab Software

Company Type: Startup, Hybrid

Industry Vertical: SaaS

Company Size: 50-100

Workforce Distribution: North America

Wizer Customer Since: 2021

The Challenge

We were a small startup at the time with very small budgets. Before Wizer, we didn’t have a training platform at all, just a collection of internal recordings of a few lunch-and-learns we would hold but that wasn’t really enough. We knew we needed good education and good awareness training.

The Creative Solution

Having been in the security and IT industry for over 25 years I’ve seen a lot of training platforms - and they serve their purpose, but most just don’t fit our culture. 

What we were looking for was something that went beyond just checking the box, we wanted something that was going to provide continuous training and value all year long.

On a recommendation from another respected cybersecurity professional, we learned about Wizer. After checking out the free offering to get a feel for the product, we loved what we saw and that’s what brought us in. 

The Results

One of the things that I love about the platform is I know people really do learn - we see internal chats from people posting a quick message “I had no idea about [security topic]” and it was because of something they learned in Wizer; or they’ll comment about one of the videos and ask more questions about what they were learning from Wizer’s videos.

Wizer allows us to build a security culture and keep it healthy. It’s little things you see people doing - like making sure the whiteboards are cleaned, making sure no one is keeping anything sensitive on their desks. It’s just little tiny things you happen to notice that you know people are learning and ‘getting it’ and it’s really good.

It’s very obvious that people are more security conscious now. One of the most important parts was that Wizer is now critical for us in helping to sustain and build our security culture. We now have a very good, strong security culture and part of it is definitely due to Wizer.

Recommendation to Others

Just do it. You won’t regret it. The solution works, it’s very effective and one of the most important things for us, again, being a startup is looking for cost effective solutions - something that’s not going to cost a ton of money to get good quality training. 

Wizer is, without question, one of the most cost effective solutions I’ve seen. But I don’t feel that we’re sacrificing anything at all. If anything, I think that we’re getting a ton of value, way more than what the dollar value of the solution is. The platform is fantastic. It’s definitely one of the best that I’ve ever used, not just as a user, but also as a leader.

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