Use Case for Automotive Industry, F1000

Company Type: Fortune 1000

Services: Support, Technology,

Industry Vertical: Automotive

Company Size: 5,000+

Workforce Distribution: North
America, United Kingdom, Europe

Wizer Customer Since: 2020

The Challenge

Like other large companies, we are compliance driven to have information security awareness training. But the training that we were using prior to Wizer was very complex and lengthy. It was difficult to implement and to train, especially people who are not in information security or who maybe aren’t so technology savvy. 

We had people who viewed security with reluctance and almost hatred. So we needed to change the culture of cybersecurity, of not being so intrusive and complicated.

We also needed the general user to receive education quickly within a short period of time for retention.

The Creative Solution

Typically, we deal with very large providers for this but we thought we would change things. So we looked for somebody that was willing to be a market disruptor by doing things differently than had been done before, which these trainings from Wizer were. The cost was also a factor.

The Results

[With Wizer] now I feel like everybody really feels like they are a part of [security]. We have people who aren't afraid to report things now who actually feel that the cybersecurity department is an ally instead of an enemy.

We use the phishing simulation and we conduct phishing tests quarterly -that in conjunction with the security awareness training that occurs on average about every other month. We were able to watch the amount of phishing incidents that occurred at our company decrease as well as the employee click rate of those that became fooled during our phishing test. We watched those metrics go down.

Recommendation to Others

If somebody was on the fence [about using Wizer], I would say they would probably regret not having acted sooner because they could always implement one year very easily of integration with very small risk by still meeting their compliance requirements. I think they would find that the alternative of the vast selection of choices they have to create custom cybersecurity trainings throughout the year instead of just at one time of the year, would be very simple for them and not as heavy lifting as they think.

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