Pledge for Online Safety in the Virtual Classroom

Set expectations from the get-go

It's important to get teachers, parents, and students involved in the discussion of Remote Learning and Online Safety. That being said, it's also important to make sure everyone understands the rules. We have an awesome new tool available for everyone that will help make discussing and following the rules even easier....The Pledge for Online Safety in the Virtual Classroom.

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KIDS: Pledge to Stay Safe While Learning Online

  • The passwords for the tools I use like Google Classroom are for my eyes only.
  • The virtual class password and link are only for my teacher and my classmates.
  •  I have to get permission from my parents if someone asks me for information about me because sometimes strangers online can pretend to be a teacher or even a classmate.
  • The things in my home and my bedroom are private and I will do my best not to share anything with anyone during virtual class. Steps I can take to make sure that I don’t accidentally share too much are sitting with my back to the wall while I am on camera.
  • I will follow my school’s rule about what to wear to class. Pajamas are probably not a good idea!
  • Cyberbullying is a big “no-no.” I’m going to treat others how I would like to be treated online and in person and if someone is bullying me, I will speak up!
  • My school computer is for schoolwork only so that I can keep it safe.
  • Everything that goes on in my virtual classroom has to stay in the virtual classroom and taking pictures of my classmates or recording my screen is not allowed.
  • If someone makes me feel bad or scared, I will let my parents know.
  • I will only use the tools that my school has provided me to use for remote learning.

My Teacher's Pledge to Keep Me Safe in the Virtual Classroom

  •  I will respect my students’ privacy and will not share any parts of the remote classes online or with anyone else without the student or parental consent.

  • I will provide a secure method for students to communicate with me privately.
  • I will not ask students for their passwords.
  •  I will not randomly turn a student webcam or microphone on.
  • I will use a virtual background or make sure my space is appropriate for a virtual class and will ensure the background doesn’t reveal anything personal.

A Pledge to Keep Me Safe in the Virtual Classroom for My Parent(s) and Guardian(s)

  •  I will do my best to provide my kids with a quiet place to learn.
  •  I will educate myself to build awareness around the risks that my child faces online.
  • I will educate myself to understand the apps and types of activities my child is involved with online.
  •  I will create a safe-harbor (safe space) where my kids can talk about anything related to their digital life without fear of punishment/judgement.
  •  I understand that my child has a right to privacy and I will not interfere or betray their trust unless the rules agreed to and signed by my child are violated.

Free Download: Virtual Class Responsibility Agreement

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