"My screen's gone red...
What do I do now?"

Wed, Feb 24th, 2021 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EST

Save Your Spot

You got hit. You turned on your computer to be met with the obligatory “Please send unmarked Bitcoins to…” message on your computer. You sit down, pause while you gather your thoughts, and quiet down the inner voice which is screaming in frustration AND demanding blood from whomever the hell did this…

But, when you look up, nothing's changed, so what DO you do?

  • First and foremost. Do you pay? Depends, did you have backups, were they offline, do you have a way TO recover yourself or your organization or would this put you out of business by next week?

  • Secondly, what DO I do next? Who do we call, what do we do, do we unplug the system, take it off the network, throw it out of the window OR quietly tiptoe out of the door and hope someone else finds it?

  • Is there ANY chance of recovering where I left off my work last night?

  • Will cyber liability insurance help? Will they come to my rescue? What should I expect?

  • Should I talk with the people who ransomed my computer?
    Would it help, can I negotiate, can I plead, explain things, IS there anyone on the other end that cares?

  • What can I DO to help, how can I change things so that others might learn and NOT suffer the same way?

    Hosted by Wizer's own hacker, Chris Roberts
Save Your Spot



Dell Jackson

Incident Response/Digital Forensics Specialist/Project Management/Fin-Tech. HR and Accounting


Dennis Underwood

Entrepreneur | Inventor | Threat Hunting Expert | Cryptography Dude | Ransomware Expert

matt lee

Matt Lee, CISSP

Director of Technology and Security at Iconic IT | CISSP | Proud Member of Infragard | Father, Husband!


Kurtis Minder

CEO GroupSense | Cyber Reconnaissance, Digital Risk | Ransomware Support & Negotiation

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