New Feature: Security Awareness Calendar

By Anne Hart on Apr 8, 2020 5:40:52 PM

1 min read

Now you can keep your team members engaged with fresh and relevant themed content updated each month. As always, the training videos are short and sweet.

We celebrated love in February with Nobody Loves You on the Internet, Bad Grammar Day in March,  and most currently, Working From Home Securely during the COVID19 crisis in April.

It’s like getting a surprise each month for your users!  They will benefit from the training both personally and professionally and enjoy learning at the same time!

You’ll even be able to view your monthly stats right from the calendar home page!

All you need to do is just turn it on!





Anne Hart
Written by Anne Hart

I have a strong technology administration, design, and training background and have joined Wizer as the Marketing Manager to help promote and offer free security awareness training across the globe.