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1 min read

Recurring and One Time Training Explained

Wizer offers Recurring and One Time training for you and your employees. So which one do you use and when? How do they

1 min read

Your SCORM Package Has Been Delivered

Do you have your own LMS? We have SCORM packages for YOU!

That’s right, you can integrate our security awareness
1 min read

Share Training Videos on Social Media!

You asked for it so our development team made it happen! You can now share Wizer content on Social Media platforms

New Feature: Security Awareness Calendar

Now you can keep your team members engaged with fresh and relevant themed content updated each month. As always, the

1 min read

Getting Started Guide

Get on the fast track to success with the Wizer Training Platform with this handy Getting Started Guide. Should you

4 min read

Create a Phishing Campaign

Setting Up a Phishing Campaign is uncomplicated and fast! It’s the perfect way to test your team and identify

3 min read


Progress reports are a great way to determine the success of your training campaigns. Wizer’s reporting tool does all

3 min read

Add Users

Wizer offers several convenient ways to add users.

  • Single Sign On - You can set this up in the settings of your

2 min read

Create Your First Campaign

Creating a campaign is simple and fast! Click on the video for a quick tutorial or follow the instructions below.